Carambolage Billiard - Carambolage Billiard tables

Karambolage Billard

Carambolage billiards: a variant to play billiards!

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Carambolage Billiards Rules of the Game - Carambolage Billiards Information.

Carambolage billiards is one of the three billiard variants. It is very different from snooker and pool because it is played with only three balls. In the game here are two white balls and a sneaker ball. The white balls can also be different colored. The face-off ball is the actual carambola ball that has to be sunk.

The following information is still important when playing Karambolage billiards: Only a limited number of shots are allowed and a special table is required for playing Karambolage billiards. Each of the twisted shots will be rewarded with points.

Carambolage billiards: Information about the table.

The right table belongs to Karambolage Billard. The special thing about a Karambolage billiard table is the reduction of the number of holes to zero. That the table does not have a single billiard hole, it is important to hit the billiard ball as often as possible. Of course you may not touch the opponent's ball or the target ball and shoot over the edge of the table.

The balls for the Carambolage billiards are much bigger than those for the normal billiards to allow a better game control. Carambolage Billiard or Karambol is in general rather unknown. Information can be obtained from tournament players, who often play it in tournaments.

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