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Billiard Historical - Billiard History

There are no exact traditions as to how and at what time billiards were created. Also the different development stages are not one hundred percent comprehensible. One can say in about the 17th century how the history of billiards developed. Already 2000 B.C. there should have been already similar games.



From the 13th century there are references to ball and sports games similar to billiards. In this time, however, it was still played on the ground, the balls were still hit with a stick.

It was not until the first half of the 15th century that people played on billiard tables. The pawnbroker Bill Knew played with three balls on one table. He fastened strips to prevent the balls from falling off the table. The name Billard was derived from the French word Bille, which means ball, and from the word Art de Bille, freely translated as the art of the balls.

That's why the name Billard Queue is derived from the name Knew. This is considered to be the birth of billiards. The possibilities were of course limited, because the billiard stick was bent and the balls did not stick to the cue. This changed with the introduction of leather at the top of the cue.

The cue had meanwhile (since about 1750) got its straight shape. The Frenchman Mengaud repaired a defect at the tip of the cue while serving a prison sentence in prison with a piece of leather from his boot. Since the tip of the cue now stuck to the balls, it was now possible to play the balls with effect.

His research and developments in this field later helped him to the title of Professor de Billard. The billiard game evolved over time, but it was mainly reserved for the nobility. 1854 the game was revolutionized by the invention of a rubber padded band by Michael Phelan.

At the beginning of 1900 the first amateur world championships were already held. Also different federations developed, primarily the world pool federation. The two world wars threw the development back again. Today, billiards has a high degree of popularity and is spread worldwide. With the time different kinds of games arose like Karambolage,  Carambol billiards or  Russian pyramid,   which differ in quite fundamental details from each other.


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