Kelly-Pool Billiard Rules

Rules and instructions for the Kelly Pool billiards game:

Kelly-Pool is a billiard game with numerous variations, which is played on a standard billiard table with 15 numbered small balls (peas).

SPIELER: Kelly can play with up to 15 players (it's very interesting if you play with two or three players).

BALLS: All 15 billiard balls are used regularly.

RACK: At the beginning of the game a standard set of fifteen billiard balls is placed at the foot of the billiard table (the top of the rack is centered). The balls are placed as follows: the 1 ball to the top of the rack, the 2 ball in the right corner of the rack, and the 3 ball at the left corner of the rack. All other balls are randomly placed (see picture below). The 1-ball is at the bottom.
At the opening shot at least four balls must have touched the rail.


The Kelly pool is about being the first player to pocket the ball (or balls, if several are written down) that matches the pea that was written down by individual players at the beginning
of the game.


At the beginning of the game, the peas are shaken in the bottle and thrown onto the pool table. Each player chooses a number and secretly notes it. Then the stop follows, which opens the game. Kelly-Pool is a rotation game, the players all play one after the other. The ball with the lowest numbering must be touched by the white ball on each shot. The player who pockets the lowest ball without fouling may continue the game. At
Foul the ball is returned to the end of the table - the game is resumed by the next player (as with the usual pool).

A foul is present if:

  • the white ball does not touch any other ball at all
  • the white ball falls into a pocket,
  • after the first contact between the white and colored ball no ball is touched or sunk any more a band

A foul is also present if the kick was not executed properly - especially if:

  • the white ball does not only come into contact with the orange (at the tip of the cue) (also when touched with fingers, clothing etc.)
  • the white ball is touched twice during the push,
  • any colored ball on the table is touched outside of the push (whether with the cue or a part of the body etc.).),
  • somewhere a ball is still moving at the time of the kick,
  • somewhere not at least one leg is on the floor during the kick,
  • somewhere a ball jumps off the table.

If a foul has been committed, there is no point deduction and the incoming player has the option to take the table as it is, or ask the previous player to continue playing. However, if the foul is the result of the white ball bouncing off the table, or it is to be pocketed by pushing, then the incoming player has two choices:

  1. He can take the white ball into his hand and place it anywhere on the table "as a penalty" and continue playing in any direction from there ("free position improvement on the whole table").
  2. But he also keeps the option to force the opponent to continue playing.

Regardless of which player ultimately shoots with cue ball in hand has the ability to locate the object ball at the foot of the spot if it is in the headline.

RATING: The first player to pocket his chosen ball wins.

OR: The player who pockets his ball first wins but points are also awarded:

  1. Each losing player must award two points to the winner
  2. Each player who pockets a ball selected by another player receives one point. If the player whose ball was pocketed by another player does not reveal this fact before the next shot, he will be penalized by deducting a point. The player who pockets the ball now gets two points instead of one.
  3. If no player manages to pocket his own ball, the game ends with the pocketing of the last selected ball. The game will continue in the next round.

Have fun...