Pool-Billiard-Rules - Rules of the game Pool Billard

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The Pool Pool Rules


Goal of the game:

There are two players competing against each other. You play with the white ball on the coloured balls to sink them into the pockets. One player plays on the "Halves" (balls 9-15), the other on the "Full" (1-7). When all the balls of a player have been potted, he can finally play on the black ball (ball 8). If he sinks it correctly, he has won.

Start of play:

The colored billiard balls are built into a triangle and should touch each other. The front ball of the triangle is at the base, the black ball is behind it in the middle of the triangle. At the two back corners there is a full ball and a half ball.

The white ball is played from the top (usually from the marked "top") onto the colored balls. If at least one coloured ball is pocketed, the opening player may continue playing. The allocation of the half or full balls, however, happens in any case only after the opening shot with the next ball, which is correctly pocketed. (For example, if only half a ball is pocketed at the opening shot, the player can still get the full ball if he pocketed a full ball correctly first.)

>If no ball is pocketed at the opening shot, but at least four colored balls touched a rail, the opponent continues playing from the current position. If no ball is pocketed at the opening shot and less than four colored balls hit a rail, the opponent may also decide to rebuild and start over.

When the cue ball is pocketed during the opening shot, the opponent starts his shot from the headline (generally from the headline, i.e. from the head point or a position to the right or left of it) and may not play a ball directly in the headline (i.e. in the quarter of the table between the head point and the headband) ("free position improvement in the headline").



Change player / Fouls:

Whoever sinks one of his own balls correctly into a pocket may continue to play.
The opponent always comes into play when:


  • none of your own balls were sunk
  • the announced ball was not sunk into the intended pocket
  • (i.e. not sunk at all or into a wrong pocket) or
  • a foul was committed

A Foul is present if:

  • the white ball does not touch any other ball at all
  • the white ball first hits an opposing ball
  • (or the black ball, if there are any balls left)
  • the white ball falls into a pocket
  • after the first contact between the white and colored ball
  • no ball touches or is countersunk in a band anymore

A Foul is also present if the Shock was not executed properly - especially if:

  • the white ball not only with the bitter orange (at the tip of the cue)
  • is touched (also when touched with fingers, clothing, etc.).
  • the white ball at the impact touched twice is
  • any colored ball on the table outside the kick
  • span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">touched (be it with the cue or a body part etc.).)
  • any ball is still moving at the time of the impact
  • when pushing not at least one leg on the floor is
  • somewhere a ball jumps from the table

If a foul has been committed, not only the opponent is in the game, but he may place the white ball "as a punishment" at any any place of the table and continue playing from there in any direction ("free position improvement on the whole table").

If you want to sink a billiard ball correctly, but want to let your opponent come into play afterwards for tactical reasons, you have to explain this before the shot by saying "Safety". After a safety shot the opponent always comes into play. If the active player has not announced a safety shot, he must continue playing if he has sunk a ball correctly in a pocket.


Loss of game:

The game is lost if:


  • the black ball ("the eight") is countersunk, although other
  • the own balls are lying on the table
  • the figure eight is played in a other bag than was announced
  • the figure eight is sunk with a Foul (z.B. if the cue ball is pocketed as well or if an opponent's ball is played first)
  • the eight is pocketed with a combination shot, i.e. it touches another ball before it lands in the pocket or the eight flies