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Russian pyramid

All about the Russian Pyramid

A Russian pyramid is a kind of billiard game common in Russia and the CIS states, which varies a bit from the rules known to us. The principle is the proven one: balls are transported by contracting players or teams into the holes of the billiard table, until one has won.

How it works- the rules of the russian pyramid

The differences to the pool billiards known to us probably result from the Russian tsar Peter the Great, who learned the game of billiards on a trip through Holland in the 18th century and took it with him to his home country. The game was forbidden for a long time during the Cold War, but today it is again very popular in Eastern Europe. Some more information before the rules of the game: With 15 white, numbered object balls and a red or yellow play ball it starts.

The Russian pyramid is also characterized by the fact that the separation between play and object balls is abolished after the kick-off. Now you can play all balls. The first player to turn 8 white balls into points is the winner according to the rules of the game. Minus points due to fouls are deducted.

Information about the table at the Russian pyramid

The Russian pyramid has the same size as a snooker table, the rules of the game also require object spheres with a diameter of 68mm. The corner pocket has only 5mm more space, which makes the Russian Pyramid with all given information about the relatively easy rules a bit more complicated. A game goes around nevertheless quite fast, so that it is worthwhile to write down the score and to extrapolate the information later like in card games.

Who can play some 8Ball billiards will also find his way into the Russian Pyramid. The game form is very unknown to us, but if you want to get information about the Russian Pyramid and more, you can get an overview on We look forward to your message.

Further information about Russian billiards

Russian billiard (also called Russian pyramid or pyramid only) is a billiard variant, which is more popular in Russia and the CIS states than any other billiard variant, outside however little known.

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