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If a conventional billiard game is not demanding enough, you will sooner or later come across the snooker variant. So that you know about the rules of the game, we have compiled important information on snooker billiards in addition to our range of billiard tables.

Snooker Billard Game rules - Important information at a glance

 The rules of snooker billiards are not as complicated as you might think at first glance. On the table, the balls are divided into red and colored. The player must now alternately pocket a red ball and then a coloured one. The red balls stay out of the game, the coloured ones are put back on the table. The billiard tables are equipped with markings so that the correct reinsertion of the balls is no problem.

For each red ball there is one, for each color a certain number of points. If at the end all red balls are perforated, the frame is finished. The frame is similar to the set in a tennis game. The player with the most points wins. In addition to the cue, which is also used in a normal billiard game, essays are needed.

Because the snooker billiard table is much longer than a normal billiard table. Without the right attachment, difficult balls cannot be played. The holes of a snooker billiard table are smaller and have rounded inlets. So it is even more difficult to play a ball cleanly.

Snooker rules

1. goal of the game

The game is played with a set of snooker balls: three, six, ten or fifteen unnumbered full red balls ("red"), six unnumbered object balls in different colors ("colored"
named) and the white ball called "white". The aim of the game is to pocket the balls correctly and score more points than the opponent. Each ball has a different value: red-1, yellow-2, green-3, brown-4, blue-5, pink-6, black-7.

2. The opening shot

The opening shot is taken by a randomly selected player. This player starts the game with the cue ball in his hand and has a free choice where to place it in the semi-circle. At the opening shot, he must then touch a red ball with the cue ball. The red player does not have to touch a rail or sink the ball. If no red is touched, this is considered a foul and the next player has the choice:

  • to accept the table and become the "Striker" (that is the player with the first shot when it is his turn) or
  • to ask the opponent to become the "Striker"

The "Striker" continues to play as long as he sinks a ball correctly but no longer than he sinks a ball incorrectly or wins the frame (the game).

3. The rules

The balls must be pocketed in ascending order. The red balls have to be started. As long as there are red balls on the table, these are the object balls. After the striker has pocketed a red ball, he has to choose a coloured one. Then he has to sink the ball. As long as reds are on the table, the game must alternate between reds and colors (within a group, however, you can play a ball of your choice). The next striker always has a red as his correct object ball. The cue ball or an object ball does not have to hit a rail or fall into a pocket after the cue ball has touched an object ball according to the rules.

If you have to play on the red ones, a shot is correct if:

  • the white is not countersunk
  • the white meets a red first
  • only red is countersunk

Otherwise the shot is a foul, i.e. if no correct object ball is touched.

When a strike on the red is correct and

  • no red has been potted, then it is the turn of the opponent
  • a red is potted, then the player gets as many points as he has potted red. In order for the next shot to be correct, the player must play on a color (see also next point).

If you have to play on a color, the shot is correct if:

  • the cue ball is not pocketed.
  • if there are still red ones on the table and you hit a colored one.
  • if there are no more red ones on the table and the lowest value ball is hit first.
  • only the ball is pocketed.

Otherwise the shock is a foul.

If the impact on a color is correct:

  • - if no ball is pocketed, then the opponent makes the move
  • - if a coloured ball is pocketed, then the player's score increases by the value of the pocketed ball. A red ball must then be played.

When there are no more reds on the table, the ball with the lowest value must be played.

4. fouls

In case of a foul the opponent will be credited with penalty points:

  • - 4 points if white is pocketed.
  • - If white hits a wrong ball, the value of the wrong ball is credited.
  • - If wrong ball is pocketed first, the value of the wrong ball is credited.

If several fouls are committed at the same time, the value for the foul with the highest value will be credited. The minimum penalty value is 4 points, the maximum penalty value is seven points. After a foul, a request can be made to the next player:

  • - to accept the table and become the "Striker"
  • - to ask the opponent to become the "Striker".
- to accept the table and become the "Striker"
  • - to ask the opponent to become the "Striker".
  • This request cannot be withdrawn. The next player is bound to his choice.

    5th game end

    The game is finished when only the black ball is left on the playing field and

    the game is over.
    • she is sunk with the last shot or
    • the next shot is a foul

    If the game ends with a tie, the black player is returned to his original position on the table, then the randomly selected player plays the black player, while the white player is "in hand" in the
    half circle.

    The game ends then:

    • with the first point to be made, or
    • with a foul.

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