General information Care instructions for our tables

All Billiard Royal Billiard Tables are made by hand from natural materials. Every carving, every color can and may therefore differ a little bit.

For this reason, not a single table can be identical to another even if the tables are from a production batch. Wood is a natural product. Not a single tree is identical: each tree has its own individual characteristics and character. So, for example, your billiard may look a little different than the one you had previously visited. This property is not a reason for complaint, it is proof of authenticity.

What you should know about wood:

Wood reacts strongly to environmental factors such as temperature changes and humidity. It expands with heat, contracts again in the cold and can then show slight cracks in the structure in the event of severe temperature fluctuations. If the humidity is too high, the wood can absorb the moisture and later release it, and this process can also cause the wood to bend.

Especially in winter, billiard tables made of wood need constant temperatures and humidity levels to prevent cracks and bending in the wood

Solid wood retains its shape best at a humidity of 55-60%. This humidity can be measured with a hygrometer. Attention: The atmosphere especially in new build houses is very dry, because they are so well insulated. Here, special attention must be paid to the humidity.

We also encourage you to refer to the following maintenance tips:

first Care is necessary to get the warranty.

Wood Care for Softwood to Hardwood

A commercial microfiber duster is ideal for daily care. You can wipe larger soiling with a slightly moistened microfibre cloth and rub with a dry microfiber duster. Always swipe towards the grain.

For sprays and polishes, you should be extra careful. Wrong means could attack the surface and cause stains that can not be removed again. If you do not want to do without these agents, always follow the specific instructions of furniture and care product manufacturers! Please also note that the cloth of your pool table should in no case come into contact with such care products.

Large-pored woods like oak or ash should not be treated with polish at all. Even damp wiping should be avoided. Residues can build up in the pores and the surface image can turn gray.

Wood turns color after a while. That's a natural feature. Even light conditions - especially with softwoods - are recommended for avoiding stains.

Room recommendations for solid wood billiard tables

In the event of increased temperature fluctuations and altered air humidity, the wood tends to work, it expands or contracts. Ideal is a constant climate with a constant humidity between 55% to 60%.

Waxed Surfaces

are very sensitive to moisture. So absorb any liquid immediately with a cloth and remove thoroughly. Dust or wipe lightly damp, if necessary also with vegetable soap. Wipe with a beeswax care emulsion. After drying, polish with a lint-free cloth. Clean blunt surfaces with vegetable soap and regrow thinly with beeswax spread balm. After drying, it must be polished. Heavy soiling can be removed with wax balm cleaner. In stubborn cases, you can use the cleaner along with a polishing cloth or really fine sandpaper.

Keep in mind that:

Always rub in wood grain direction! Then treat as blunt surface care. Then the areas are oiled and regrown with natural resin oil impregnation primer.


Generally, veneered pool tables do not require special care. An antistatic or normal microfiber duster is sufficient. A damp microfiber cloth removes soiling such as Fingerprints. Rub with a soft duster in the direction of the grain.

second Wood discolours after some time. This is a natural feature and is therefore excluded from the warranty.

3rd Damage caused by inappropriate use or improper care is excluded from the warranty.

4th Avoid damage from sharp objects. These damages are expressly

excluded from the warranty. If necessary, make felted vases.

5th Never put hot pots or other warm things directly on the wood, just on coasters.

Damage caused by warm products is excluded from the warranty.

sixth Repairs of the furniture without the written consent of Four and More & nbsp; will void the warranty.

seventh Remember the natural discoloration caused by light, and therefore regularly change any accessories on your furniture (using felt or coasters).

8th Avoid too much direct sunlight to prevent discoloration on the furniture.

ninth Never place your furniture too close to a heat source to prevent cracks in the wood as much as possible. Cracks in the wood can always occur in furniture made of solid wood, which is no reason for a complaint.

10th Cabinets are partly made of solid and partly of funnels. Some color -

and structural differences are therefore inevitable and no reason for a complaint.

. 11 The quality of solid wood furniture is best preserved at a humidity of 45-60%. This humidity can be measured with a hygrometer.

12th For an oiled piece of furniture, it is very important to re-oil it after a few weeks of use (or sooner if the wood looks sparsely) and to repeat it a few times a year. This is necessary to protect the wood from dehydration.

. 13 A piece of furniture with lacquer finish (high gloss or matt) will only reach its maximum hardness after two weeks. Therefore avoid heavy loads in the hardening process and clean it only with a damp cloth or with a light soap solution. Damage to the paint during the hardening process is excluded from the warranty.

14.Tables without standard dimensions are excluded from the warranty if the function is impaired or if the tabletop sags.

15th When changing tables and / or cabinets, the furniture must be lifted and not pushed to avoid damage to legs and / or construction. This damage is clearly under warranty.