first The Four & amp; More GmbH guarantees the end customer (hereinafter referred to as "customer") in accordance with the following provisions, the durability of the billiard table (hereinafter "product") within a period of 25 years from delivery (hereinafter referred to as "guarantee period") in terms of freedom of material - or processing errors (hereinafter referred to as "defects"). & nbsp;

The warranty is valid for purchases from 01.01.2017.

2. The Rights from this Guarantee can opposite the Four & More GmbH first after completion Registration on the Homepage www.billiard-royal.com under the Menu item "Warranty registration" after & nbsp; Specification & nbsp; the & nbsp; there & nbsp; & Nbsp necessary; Data & nbsp; asserted & nbsp; made & nbsp; become. The registration has to do this within & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a & nbsp; & nbsp; Month & nbsp; & nbsp; after & nbsp; & nbsp; Purchase date to & nbsp; & nbsp; respectively. The date of registration does not change the beginning of the warranty period according to section 1. The customer then receives an acknowledgment of the guarantee registration by e-mail, the guarantee certificate will be sent by post to the Four & amp; More GmbH known address sent.

3. Deficiencies asserted by the customer will be attributed to the Four & More GmbH at its own discretion at its own expense by repair or replacement with new or refurbished products or product parts. Other claims of the customer against the Four & More GmbH, in particular for damages (of, for example, costs resulting from disassembly and assembly) are excluded.

4. The warranty does not extend to:

• defects due to external influences such as scratches, cuts, scorching and water damage
• Transport damage, as well as damage caused by pets
• all defects caused by improper or misused use
• Defects that are within the scope of the statutory warranty of the specialist dealer
• Deficiencies due to premature wear and tear due to industrial use in public facilities, in the contract sector, in offices or exhibitions (exhibition goods)
• Defects arising on wearing parts (cloth and band rubber)
• Deficiencies caused by the use of unsuitable cleaners, post-applied impregnations, chemicals or medicines (or similar)
• Deficiencies due to non-regular or incomplete cleaning / care
• Deficiencies due to insufficient room conditions
• all the authenticity features in the wood
• Table Top

5. Claims under this warranty also exist only:

• when the pool table has been professionally built according to the enclosed assembly instructions
• When the customer asserts the warranty by submitting the document issued by the Four & More GmbH exhibited warranty certificate together with the original invoice and the information provided at registration agree with it. The sole presentation of the original invoice is not sufficient.
• for defects claimed by the customer within the warranty period.
• if the location of the product is within the EU or Switzerland.

sixth Warranty claims may only be made in writing and upon presentation of the original invoice from the dealer and the warranty certificate from the Four & More GmbH.

7. After receiving the display at the Four & amp; More GmbH has to explain this within four weeks to the customer, whether a warranty claim is recognized. If no notification is received within this period, the warranty claim is deemed rejected. During this period, the Four & amp; More GmbH or its authorized third party to inspect the offending product on site to verify the eligibility of the claim.

8. If any warranty claims are asserted, the product will be tested by the Four & amp; More GmbH or the commissioned third party, that there was no fault or the warranty claim does not exist for a reason stated in these warranty conditions, the Four & amp; More GmbH reserves the right to charge a service fee prior to claiming the warranty.

9. The guarantee period does not extend the warranty period.
If a part is repaired or replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty period of the entire product applies to this part.

10. This warranty is not transferable to third parties. & nbsp;

11. Any warranty claims of the customer against the seller are not affected by this warranty.

12. This warranty is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.