Aluminum Snooker Pool Cue Tip Tool Scuffer Tapper Picker Shaper 3in1 tool

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3 in 1 tool of Billiard Royal  

Edit the cue tip, making it hold chalk better kannund avoid false conclusions.  

SCUFF SIDE - roughen cue tip on to allow the Chalk can adhere better
SHAPE SIDE -. Adjust the curvature of the bitter orange. Move this page with a slight rotating movement about the cue tip
TIPS PICK -. Divide the cue tip easily, so that the chalk better stays at the top sticking. This technique is used for new peaks, or if the oranges has been compressed after some time. So it is possible that the volume of the tip is increased and can accommodate these more billiard chalk.  

The ergonomic design, the pool tool can be held easily and safely. The needles are protected inside and the 3in1 tool is easy to unscrew them.

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